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Design and Print Help

Apple Visual Graphics doesn’t just offer digital printing services to print all of your custom posters, custom banners, and other wide set printing materials. We also offer assistance designing and optimizing your material for many different types of printed advertisements, ranging from scaffolding wraps, to commuter cards, and beyond.

Here are a few of the ways in which we provide the best customer service by helping you create a product you can be proud of:

  • Image Sizing: One of the biggest problems with printed advertisements is having photos that are incorrectly sized or converted, leading to pictures that are pixilated and difficult to read. Our printing experts can take existing images and designs and convert them to the right dimensions for many different printed objects. If they are too small, they can help you brainstorm to create an image that is large enough or of high enough quality to print.
  • Design Help: Our printing experts have experience in designing print ads and marketing materials, and can help guide you when you are designing a new product. This includes help with graphic design, fonts, placement, and more. If you are in a rut, call and speak to an expert for help.
  • Finishes Suggestions: There are many different finishes and paper options, including additional cut outs, laminations, foils, and more. Our experts know the best uses for each, and can help guide you to the best options for your printed materials. This will ensure that your materials look classy instead of messy or over-the-top.
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Now Is the Time to Design Commuter and Rail Cards

With the summer tourism months quickly approaching, now is the ideal time to design and order custom posters for commuter and railway stations from offset printing and other digital printing services. With the highest number of people travelling in the upcoming months out of any time in the year, your print ads will be seen by many more people than if you design these advertisements once the summer has passed.

Take the New York subway, for instance. More than five million riders use it each day to commute to school or work, and this number climes drastically during the subway. Since Apple Visual Graphics materials meet PATH and MTA specifications, you can obtain ad space on the subway at a lower cost than if you went with another company.

These ads are the perfect economic, scalable marketing material, as they are surrounded by potential customers around the clock. Make sure you design them to take advantage of the summer carefree, fun feeling, and ensure that they appeal to tourists and locals, depending on your target audience and business.

If you already have an online or print campaign, our printing experts at Apple Visual Graphics can help by taking existing imagery and converting it to the correct dimensions for a commuter card. If you are designing an all-new campaign, our experts can help brainstorm or design an eye-catching poster that is sure to expand your market reach. Call Apple Visual Graphics at 718-361-2200 for more information.

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More Menu Printing Tips

In our previous blog, we provided several tips for menu printing, including how to optimize your offset printing and wide format printing takeout menus. These included using a variety of high quality images, organizing your menu items in a logical, easy-to-follow manner, keeping it simple, and including coupons on the bottom of take out menus.

Here are a few more tips for creating the best menus possible:

  • Informative: Make sure you include all relevant contact information and other necessary information in a clear spot on your menu. This includes phone numbers, addresses, hours, types of payment that you accept, and more. If people can’t contact or find your restaurant, they aren’t going to patronize it.
  • Fridge It: Get people to put your menu on their fridge by including a local sporting calendar or calendar of events. People are more likely to keep your menu if it tells them what you offer and also gives pertinent information.
  • Claim to Fame: Make sure you include a claim to fame or a well-crafted origin story on your menu. These elements help make your menu more personable, and make your establishment seem friendlier to customers. Your claim doesn’t even have to be the most significant or impressive; it’s more important that you have a semi-decent one included.
  • Hire Help: Don’t try to design your menu if you don’t have any experience with graphic design. You will have a much more successful menu if you pay a little bit for professional help.
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The Science of Menu Printing

If you own a restaurant, your in-house and take-out menus are perhaps your greatest marketing tool. Not only are they incredibly functional, but they are also your most thorough and easily distributed offset printing advertisement.

Here are some tips to help you create better, more effective menus during planning, design, and menu printing:

  • Prioritize Pictures: There is no better tool to use when planning your menu than photographs. People are much more likely to order food if there is a photo of it, so make sure you have a good number of high quality images throughout your menu. You also need to clearly identify which food items are depicted in each photo. Make sure your images are large enough to be printed well during wide format printing.
  • Include Coupons: When printing your takeout menus, include coupons that can easily be clipped off on the bottom of the menu. Coupons are one of the easiest ways for you to track your marketing dollars and measure the success of your campaign.
  • Keep It Simple: If you crowd your menu too much, and it isn’t easy to find certain items or distinguish between menu items, customers are unlikely to spend the time finding something they want to eat at your restaurant. Make sure your menu has a logical, easy-to-follow flow, and the organization is logical.
  • Full Color: Make sure you choose full color and a finish that will last for a long time, so that you can get enough use out of your new menus.
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More Summer Marketing Secrets and Tips

Summer is a great time to craft a fun and active marketing campaign. We began by giving you a few tips and secrets for crafting the perfect summer marketing strategy in our previous blog, including keeping your theme relevant and fun, and creating a sales event that is linked to the community or the weather.

Here are a few more top summer marketing tips to make your campaign stronger than ever before:

  • Make It a Contest: People love contests, and the excitement and anticipation that is generated by a contest is likely to engage a large percent of your audience and generate more business than it might in other seasons. Contests are perfect for summer, when the weather is warm and people are more active. Be as creative as you want, from a daily chance to win a free drink if someone likes you on Facebook, to a photo contest where customers have to feature your products during their summer activities.
  • Bring It to Them: Businesses large and small do well when people feel like they are personally connecting with them. This means hosting a booth at the local farmers market, opening a stand on the beach, attending community events and block parties, and more. Summer is the perfect opportunity to take your business outside and to your customers, and to drum up more business for your permanent location. Make sure you take digital printing service products like brochures and custom posters along to give away, and have a strong custom banner that allows customers to identify your business with ease.
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