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Color Schemes for Winter

Winter is almost here, meaning it’s time to design and order a new set of print marketing materials. One of the most enjoyable parts of designing custom posters, custom banners and Duratrans ads for winter is choosing a color scheme.

Your color scheme should prompt an emotional response in your customers, whether you are aiming for the warm fuzzy feeling that winter brings, or a need to purchase something for the winter. Different colors create different emotional responses. Here are a few of our favorites for this upcoming season:

  • Traditional holiday color schemes, like red and green, may seem a little bit typical, but people never tire of them. They help capture the spirit of the season and pull customers into your store by prompting a happy, nostalgic feeling. The fact that they are traditional means people of all ages will identify and enjoy your ad.
  • Winter color themes, like silvers, light blue and gray colors, help give your store a fresh, winter wonderland feel. The colors pop among the burnt oranges and deep reds of fall, and help you transition to the colder months of the year seamlessly. These colors prompt warm, cozy feelings in your customers, and make them more likely to come into your store.
  • Using one pop of color on a muted, winter background, like using bright red on a white ad, helps create a sense of urgency. It also makes your ad look simpler and stand out from the other winter print ads that your customers see regularly.
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Last Minute Black Friday Marketing

Last Minute Black Friday Marketing

It may be too late to design and order custom posters, custom banners or Duratrans, and have them in time for Black Friday, but there are other ways you can reach your customers to keep them updated on your sales and stock for Black Friday this year. Perhaps the best way to do this is by launching an email marketing campaign. Here are a few tips to make sure your customers open your emails and are excited about their content:

  • Try to craft emails that are different than the norm. Consider adding an animated GIF to your email, designing your email so that it is fresh and visually appealing, or issuing a challenge to your customers.
  • Make sure you use special sayings, or mention discounts in the subject line, to avoid being sent straight to the spam or recycle folder. It isn’t always enough to send a generic email listing your new products. You need to make them look appealing enough that customers want to click, read and visit.
  • If you haven’t had very much success in the past with email marketing, maybe you should add a mobile option. In fact, a majority of people who read your emails are most likely reading them on a smartphone. If your email isn’t formatted in a way that is compatible with phones, they are unlikely to read them.
  • Make sure you test your email before sending it out to your customers. This helps you avoid any mistakes in the text or the formatting, and ensures that your email doesn’t accidentally spam your customers with hundreds of emails.
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Building or Boosting Your Brand Part 2

In our last blog, we provided several tips for building or revamping your company’s brand identity. These included identifying your target audience early, and deciding on an overarching message and theme for your marketing campaign before you begin designing the individual print and web ads. Here are a few more tips to help ensure that your brand is strong, current and identifiable:

  1. While you should make sure that your ad placement — whether you are placing custom posters, Duratrans ads, floor graphics or custom banners — is consistent, as far as reaching your target audience is concerned, you should also aim for diversity. If you only have banners and brochures, you are unlikely to reach or be remembered by a large group of people.
  2. In order to be sure that the public remembers your brand, you need to inspire an emotion in them. An emotional connection equals remembrance, and has great potential for developing into an emotional attachment to your company. If you are selling designer handbags, make sure they look high-fashion enough that customers associate them with fame and glamour, so they will want to own one; or, if you are selling fitness products, your ads should feature images and messages that help inspire your customers to better themselves.
  3. Design or purchase a solid logo and brand image, and work to reinforce that image within your company. This means ensuring that each employee in your company understands what your brand means, and designs new products and services to fit within that image.
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Building or Boosting Your Brand Part 1

Building or Boosting Your Brand Part 1

If you are a smaller business, or you are just starting out, one of the most important things you can do is create a strong, unified brand for your company. This includes using custom posters, custom banners, brochure makers and other marketing materials; your online presence; your company logo; and your products and services, to establish one unified front that customers can easily identify, understand and remember.

The key to success with branding is cohesion. You need to identify a goal or image that you want to create up front, and then consistently work towards it. Here are a few tips to help you create a brand that is unified and successful:

  1. Make sure you begin by targeting a specific audience. Are teenagers the age group that is most likely to patron your business, or is a certain racial demographic more likely to identify with your company than any one age group? Whichever it is for your company, design your marketing campaigns and product advertisements so that they appeal to your target audience.
  2. Your marketing materials need to grab potential customers’ attention, either by issuing a simple challenge, giving some instruction, or making a statement. Your copy needs to be about your customers, not about your company, and it needs to be simple enough that the message is clear from a distance. It is important to decide what your message is before beginning to design your advertisements, because you want each of them to have a message that is consistent with your overall theme.
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Get More for Less

If you are looking to get more out of your brand, increase customer awareness and grow your business, there are many inexpensive marketing techniques you can use to your advantage. Custom posters and custom banners always work well, as do printing freebies with postcard printing services, but we encourage you to expand to other more abstract methods to attract a larger customer base.

  • Increase your community’s awareness of your company by giving back to a local charity or organization. Make sure you volunteer there, instead of just donating money, so you have a chance to interact with community members, and they can see you actually giving back.
  • Online marketing groups are a great way to discuss marketing techniques, and trials and errors that other companies in your industry have tried. This can help you grow your knowledge and experience, without you having to try, and err, again and again, yourself.
  • Make sure you keep your current customers happy by rewarding them with discounts or give-away items every once in a while. While you definitely want to try to bring in more customers, it is equally important to keep the ones you already have, and make sure they remain as loyal as they have been in the past.
  • Give your website a face lift and make sure you make it as current and user-friendly as you can, when you do. You want people who visit to be compelled to stay and look around, instead of searching for a more interesting, updated site to peruse.
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