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Order New Custom Pocket Folders

Order New Custom Pocket Folders

Whether you are planning on attending a trade show, or meeting with prospective clients in the near future, or your calendar is open, it is a good idea to have current, branded pocket folders on hand for when the need does arise. While it is important to have current business cards and thorough pamphlets, a custom pocket folder can make the difference between you looking like a small, unorganized business person, and a company that should be taken seriously.

When you design pocket folders, be sure to focus on just that: the design. The purpose of pocket folders is not to give clients valuable information, but to be an attractive package that holds the information you want to give them. Make sure they are designed in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing, and save the information for your pamphlets and sales sheets.

Once you have the design down, you need to choose a digital printing service company to print your pocket folders. Apple Visual Graphics can guarantee fast turn around and quick delivery, and can print your folders on a variety of types of paper with different die cutting, lamination, foiling, finishing and embossing options. We want your pocket folders to reflect the hard work and thought you put into your company on a daily basis.

Finally, once you have received your order and are ready to meet with current or prospective clients, simply pull out a preassembled pocket folder package, with all of the relevant information inside, and hand it over. We guarantee you will look a dozen times more professional and put together than before.

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Update for Fall

If you own a store or a business where you commonly host clients or other industry people, you probably understand the importance of keeping your space clean and current. Here are a few products you may want to think about updating, now that a new season is about to start:

  • If you own a grocery store, or another type of market, aisle signs are a vital part of your business. If you have never replaced your signs, they are likely faded, dusty and in need of replacement. In ordering aisle signs, make sure you come up with a design that is consistent with the rest of your branding imagery, and order from digital printing services that specialize in offset printing with many different types of products.
  • You may also want to update your floor graphics, whether you need to replace them, or design and order new ones. Floor graphics work best when they are designed in a style that is consistent with aisle signs and other branding materials, and can offer high traffic opportunities for advertisements or specials.
  • Ordering custom posters can help highlight certain products or specials you are having, in a manner that is both impressive and temporary. These work best for seasonal sales or new products, and you should switch them out every month or two to keep your advertising current.
  • If you own a restaurant, you should also consider ordering new table tents. These are often touched and played with on a daily basis, meaning they tend to wear quickly. Replacing these regularly will give your customers the impression that your restaurant is clean and orderly.
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Static Cling for Fall

Static Clings are some of the best products digital printing services have to offer for marketing campaigns, in part because of their diversity. They can be simple or complex in design, without changing the difficulty of printing and pricing, too much, and can add a sprinkle of interest and layering to a window display, or they can constitute the entire display, depending on size and complexity.

These are also one of our favorite designs for fall. You can order falling leaves to decorate your window, a bare tree with leaves to attach that you can slowly remove as the weather changes, pumpkins to layer on the bottom of your window display, or any other number of fun fall items and designs. They are quick, simple, affordable, and add a big pop to your fall window display.

If you are focusing on a branding campaign for fall, you can also opt to order window clings that have your company logo or your company name, so that you can hand them out to customers for them to put on their car windows, home windows, and more. Since they can be ordered from Large Format Digital Printing Services, in orders ranging from a couple dozen window stickers to several hundred or more, you can obtain window clings to fit almost any purpose.

If you are having trouble deciding on a design, you can always call 1-718-361-2299 and speak to an expert designer at Apple Visual Graphics. We are always happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction.

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The Importance of Letterhead

Letterheads are as important as brands, and can have a massive impact on how customers and potential clients view and respect your company upon the first few times being exposed to it. Thus, it’s important that companies give their letterheads the proper amount of attention before ordering stationery and other products with the company letterhead.

First, it is a good idea to hire a graphic design company or a marketing company who is familiar with letterheads and the information and designs that are effective. Be sure to include your company name, your address, a phone number and a company email, if you have one. Your goal is to include enough information that anyone receiving the stationery has enough information directly on the letter to contact you back. Since most people won’t put in the effort to find your contact information if it is not readily available in a fashion like this, they are unlikely to contact you back.

Once you have researched and collected all of the necessary information for your letterhead, find digital printing services that are comfortable handling offset printing, large format digital printing, and other applications that you need. Then, when you receive your new letterhead stationery, make sure any stationery that the employees in your company use has been swapped out for the new letterhead stationery. Having an updated, professionally created letterhead that your employees don’t use is as useless as not having one at all.

Finally, once you have an updated letterhead, make sure changes are minimal. You don’t want to overhaul your letterhead and present clients with an entirely new look, or they may stop associating it with your company.

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Easy Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Branding campaigns are an important part of owning and operating a successful business, but they can also be baffling if you don’t have professional branding experience, already. For instance, you may have established your company well within your own industry, or in a certain geographic area, but expanding beyond those familiar boundaries can be as difficult as starting over.  Here are a few easy-to-implement tips for successfully breaking out of your bubble and increasing brand awareness.

  1. Start by crafting a succinct, clear mission statement that tells customers why they should patronize you and why your company exists.
  1. Create a shorter tagline that can be the motto of your campaign. Make sure it is consistent with your mission statement.
  1. Develop regular press releases to send to the media and post on your website. These indicate you are current, and that you are consistently expanding your business.
  1. Begin writing a newsletter, and deliver it to your customers and competitors, either through the mail or through email.
  1. Diversify your marketing, media and PR, so that you can reach clients in all of the markets where they may be, not just within your industry.
  1. Attend or host at least two local and/or national industry conferences a year. Also, try to speak to local groups. This way, you generate goodwill and become known as the expert in the area on postcard printing, offset printing, booklet printing, or whatever else you speak about.
  1. Get to know potential teaming partners and competitors in the new industry or area where you are expanding. Networking is important, and can lend your business legitimacy in a new area.
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