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Greeting Card Varieties

If you want to send your customers something slightly more personal as part of your new marketing campaign, but you don’t want to order new brochures from a brochure maker, consider designing and purchasing custom greeting cards from Apple Visual Graphics. These greeting cards are available in a variety of folds and custom sizes, and have more custom options available.

In designing your greeting cards, you can choose from a range of papers, and you can include different finishes, lamination, die cutting, embossing or perforation, and more. When it comes to folds, you can go with the classic two-panel fold card and design it either vertically or horizontally, or you can choose a 3-panel accordion fold, a 4-panel roll fold, a 4-panel accordion fold, a 4-panel gate fold, a rack card, a 4-panel double fold or a 3-panel roll fold.

The different fold options give you the choice of designing your greeting card similarly to a brochure, but in a more personal package, or you can design a greeting card that simply says hello and increases good will. Our clients have found both to be useful, and your choice depends mostly on the nature of your company and current marketing campaign.

Another option is ordering greeting cards that either have your company name on them, or which relate to your company’s services and products, and then either give them away or sell them for extra revenue. Greeting cards are easy to design, and are relatively inexpensive, making them a great give-away item as part of your next branding or marketing campaign. You can also look into postcard printing, if you live in a big city or tourist-heavy area, or order custom posters. All three items can be used for similar purposes.

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How to Put Together a Successful Booklet

Booklets are a great marketing and branding resource for businesses of all sizes, since they give more information than a brochure, and are still affordable to print if you find a reliable booklet printer. Here are some tips to help you organize the perfect booklet for your business before you send it to the printer:

  • First, decide what purpose your booklet will serve. Is it going to outline the products and services you offer, or is it going to detail the history of your business? The easiest way to settle on a theme is by deciding the booklet’s purpose, so make a list of the purposes you want it to fulfill, and then pick a theme that best meets them.
  • Next, collect all of the relevant information you will need for your booklet. This can be electronic or handwritten, outline lists or paragraphs — the format doesn’t really matter, as long as it makes sense to you.
  • Organize the information in a manner that seems logical, and decide if tabs or simple chapter pages would best allow people to access the information in your booklet.
  • Choose colors for the booklet that are cohesive; don’t detract from the message and information, and which are faithful to your company.
  • Finally, choose a company that can print your booklet. For instance, if you want tabs, look for a company that specializes in offset printing or wide format printing. Once you’ve edited your booklet and designed a great cover and back page, send it off to the publisher . . . and wait!
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Design Your Perfect Fall Brochure

It’s time to plan for your fall marketing campaign, which means designing and ordering new brochures for fall. Here are a few tips to help you get started on your perfect brochures:

  • First, find a brochure maker that you can rely on. The quality of the brochures they print should be high, they should be able to deliver in a timely manner, and you will want to look for a reasonable price. Apple Visual Graphics is known for all three of these things, throughout New York, and can deliver as soon as the day you order, if you need.
  • Make sure the company you are planning on ordering from can handle custom printing jobs if the brochures you design are not a standard size. Look for companies that specialize in offset printing or booklet printing, if this applies to you.
  • Now for the actual design. You need to establish credibility with the person who picks up your brochure, and the best way to do this is through professionalism. Make sure your design is clean, to the point, and professional. This means there are no typos, the colors are matched well, and you don’t overuse clichés or exclamation marks.
  • The content inside of your brochure should be concise and informative. Don’t use industry terms that people need to look up, and don’t ramble. Eliminate fluff, and get the content down to the bare, easy-to-understand minimum.
  • Make sure your reader is motivated to look inside. For instance, if you only have your company name or logo on the front, they have no reason to open the cover. Put benefits or thought-provoking statements on the front.
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Five Branding Tips

If you’re a small business owner, it’s likely you’ve heard how important a good branding campaign is for success. Even though you know it’s important, though, you may not know how to run a successful branding campaign. Here are five tips chosen particularly for small business owners:

  1. Begin by conducting surveys and meeting with your managers or executives to define what your brand is. Find out how your customers currently describe your brand, and decide how you want them to define your brand. What makes your brand different from your competitors’ brands? The first step to creating a brand in your customers and competitors’ minds is defining your brand in your own.
  1. Create a branding message that is simple and coherent. Many people won’t stop to take the time to understand the intricacies of your message or product, so you need to make it simple enough that it can be understood quickly. Skip the special features, and focus on hooking them with the main point.
  1. Make sure your brand voice is consistent. For instance, if you are going to be minimalist and sort of snarky, make sure the tone on your custom banners, custom posters and Duratrans is the same.
  1. Just because you are currently a small business doesn’t mean you can’t be a big business, someday. Think big with your branding, and aim to catch larger clients and build relationships that will sustain your company in the future.

Make sure to remind your customers of your brand every once in a while. One campaign won’t do the trick. Continue to keep your brand fresh in their mind by establishing a company blog, emailing newsletters, mailing postcards and creating new marketing products on a regular basis.

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Unique Fall Marketing Ideas

Even though summer will still be in full swing for another month and a half, it’s time to start planning and ordering your fall marketing materials, from custom posters, to custom banners, to vinyl signs and beyond. Here are a few fall marketing ideas for small businesses that you may find useful as you craft your next campaign.

  • Begin by identifying what sales and specials you will be offering in the summer, and then choose a slogan or two that go along with your sales. For instance, if you sell clothes or school supplies, back-to-school is a popular theme. Fall Fest or Fall in Love can also be successful, since they capitalize on the season and bring to mind warm feelings of the festivities of the season.
  • Once you’ve established your base message, choose your colors. Summer is great for bright colors, but fall has a lovely warm color pallet that puts people in a cheery, warm mood. Go for burnt orange, warm oranges and yellows, all shades of brown, and use red accents and dark greens. If you live in a city where high schools are big, you could also use the high school colors to bring in the back-to-school crowd.
  • One great way to get your sale information and branding information out quickly and in good spirit is by teaming up with a charity. Many charities host galas and fundraising events during the fall, so it’s a perfect time to start a charitable relationship with a nonprofit organization. By the same token, you could team up with the local school booster clubs or PTA organizations.
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