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Three Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign

There are many elements that combine to make up a successful marketing campaign. Here are three of the most important elements of any campaign.

  1. Before you begin designing and ordering custom posters and brochures, organize your campaign around a goal. Nothing succeeds without a clear plan to work towards, campaigns included. Make sure every element of your campaign is purpose made, whether that purpose is a successful summer sales, increasing business in the fall or broadening your audience.
  1. Tailor your campaign for your audience. If your main audience is suburban moms, include children in your ad images. If your main audience is college students though, use edgy images that look appealing to a younger crowd.
  1. Limit your outlets so that each one you choose works for you as effectively as possible. Your outlets include social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, but also physical advertising sites, like bus shelters, vehicle wraps, posters and billboards. Use those that best target your audience.
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Design Tips for Summer Posters

It’s summer time, which means fun, colorful custom posters. Here are some design tips to help you really make a splash this summer season.

  • Summer is bright, splashy, hot and fun; make your poster match these themes and feelings as much as possible. This means use hot, bright colors as much as possible. Some popular, catchy summer colors are hot pink, bright cobalt blue, vibrant green, sunshine yellow and saturated orange.
  • Use a blocked font for your store name or summer slogan and use colors in the name so it pops out from the rest of the banner.
  • If appropriate, use summer visuals like waves, palm trees and umbrellas. You want people to think of vacation and relaxation when they see your new custom posters.
  • Come up with a theme that is season-appropriate, like fun in the sun or catch a wave, and focus your poster and message around it. This theme can serve as a thread that ties the information in your poster together and makes it more accessible to your customers.
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Static Cling

Summer is here and it’s time to freshen your window displays! Not only will there be more people about than usual, but people also tend to be in a mood to shop more than usual. One easy way to update your windows and catch people’s attention is by adding static clings to your order when you purchase your new summer custom posters and banners.

Static clings can be used over and over again and are an easy way to add a pop of color to areas of your window display that may often be blank since they are weightless and can attach to any part of the window, no matter how high or out of the way.

There are two main options to choose between when it comes to cling designs:

  1. Design a static cling that has an advertisement on it, like your logo, “summer sale,” or another company-related message or word.
  1. Design a colorful, decorative cling that helps make your window look more appealing, like colored dots or palm trees.

Whichever you do, consider giving them away with sales to promote customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising.

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Four More Tips for Designing Custom Banners

In our last blog, we gave you four tips to help you design a successful custom banner. Here are four more tips to help you polish off your design and ensure that your banner is as effective as possible.

  1. Try to use a single font throughout your banner. If you switch fonts, your banner is likely to lack unity and be less effective.
  1. When you reprint the banner, change the design so your customers are seeing a fresh banner even if it covers the same topic or information. This will hold interest longer.
  1. Try to balance the amount of text you use and the images and logos you insert in your banner. Too much of one or the other will make your banner look uninteresting and will lessen its effectiveness.

Make sure to highlight key words and discounts. This helps the meat of your message to stand out to customers and will keep interest for longer. Your goal with banners is for people to be able to look at them and get the information in as little time as possible. Highlighting helps with this.

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Four Tips for Designing Custom Banners

About 75 percent of the journey towards creating a successful, effective banner occurs in the design stages of production, while the last 25 percent lies in printing. We have you covered for printing, but here are four tips to help you design a custom banner that is sure to catch people’s attention.

  1. Before you even begin designing, conduct research on your topic, whether this entails conducting customer surveys about the product you are advertising or looking up information about a specific issue you want to promote. Accuracy is key in advertising, and good research will enable you to produce an accurate banner.
  1. Remember: less is more. Once you get started, it can be tempting to add flourishes and complex design elements, but we have found that the simpler the design, the more effective the banner is.
  1. When appropriate, use colors that are bright and catchy, such as vibrant blues, greens, reds and yellows. Lively colors and full color photographs help make banners more interesting.
  1. Make sure your banner is organized and the message is easy to find. People won’t stick around long enough to receive your message if it is buried to far in your design.
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