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More Tips for Designing the Perfect Logo

Our last blog discussed tips for creating the perfect logo to print on your custom posters and other promotional materials. Here are a few more tips to help you if you are in a rut

  • Try to make your logo as memorable as possible. It should be simple, but unique, and often the simpler the logo is, the easier it is to remember. Logos that use simple, aesthetically pleasing lines and have a shape that is recognizable are easy to recall.
  • Think hard about the colors you choose to use in your logo. If they really clash or have nothing to do with your company colors, you may want to rethink your initial decision. Colors are able to create emotion in people, so consider the emotion you are creating with your colors. For example, a charity for orphans may not want to use red, which inspires romance or anger.
  • Make sure you aren’t copying another company’s logo. If you do, not only will people think less of you for copying, but they will also be less likely to remember your company in a positive context.
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Tips for Designing the Perfect Logo

Whether you are looking into custom banners or booklet printing, one of your first concerns needs to be your company’s logo. Here are some simple tips to help ensure that your logo is memorable, appropriate and effective

  • Simplicity is key. If your logo looks like a cluttered 18th century family crest, people will not be able to remember it or won’t digest the branding information that you want them to take away from it. Often what works best if you are having trouble with your logo is to start removing elements instead of adding more.
  • Think long term when you are designing your logo. Logos are a key part of branding campaigns, and are often what people remember your company by. This means that the longer you can keep the same logo, the better. You should plan on updating your logo roughly once every 15 years.
  • Aim to engage and entertain your audience. You want the audience to be able to discover the message in your logo instead of having it handed to them. For instance, consider using text that runs outside of a box instead of the phrase “we think outside of the box.”
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Tips for Choosing an Effective Campaign Slogan

A slogan can have a surprisingly big effect on marketing campaigns of all varieties. They are used online, printed on brochures, banners, stickers, postcards, building wraps and more, and when you live in a city as large as New York, they are seen by millions of people every day. To make sure that your slogan is worth all of that trouble, here are some tips to help you think up and choose a memorable, effective slogan.

  • When at all possible, don’t rush the slogan. If you have time to think about it and toss ideas around in a relatively stress-free environment, you will usually be able to come up with something better than if you have to pick something quickly under pressure.
  • When appropriate, humor is almost always a good option. If you can make people laugh, they will remember your slogan and most likely share it with their friends. Studies have shown that humor is the most effective tool for getting people to remember and pass on your slogan.
  • Perhaps most importantly, be honest. If you make people laugh but they later find out that your slogan wasn’t entirely true, they will definitely spread the word that you fibbed. Avoid the temptation to fib and stick to the truth.
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Tips for a Better Marketing Campaign

Oftentimes, the success of a sale or a new business platform depends largely upon the success of a company’s preceding marketing campaign. Here are some tips that can help you achieve success in your online campaigns.

  • Make sure your website is designed in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing, interactive and user-friendly. A majority of online marketing campaigns lead potential customers directly back to your website, which is only half of the fight. You then need to hold their attention once they are on your page to turn them from potential customers into definite ones.
  • Make sure you include a contact page on your website with extensive contact information that is easy to follow. It’s best, if possible, to list a phone number and a customer service email in addition to a message box if you choose to have one.
  • Try to localize your campaign. For instance, companies that are based in New York should reference relevant local terms, locations and customs.
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Reach Sports Fans with Dasher Board Advertising

One of the key considerations for advertising is your target audience, and many companies have found sports fans to be a good target audience because they are relatively easy to reach and are slightly more responsive to ads than other audiences. The best way to reach sports fans is by ordering dasher boards from a full color printing service posting them at sporting venues.

Whether their team is winning or losing, sports fans are generally in good spirits and have high energy when they are attending a game or a match, and studies have shown that a majority of them will read the advertisements posted during down time between plays or time outs. Also, when players are near your ads, your logo is often captured and projected on the big screen, on television or captured in a photo and run in the newspaper the next day. This means that you get more advertising value for each dollar simply by putting your ad in such a high-profile spot. Call the printing experts at Apple Visual Graphics at 718-361-2200 for a quote and more information today.

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