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How Can Door-Direct Mail Improve Your Marketing Campaign?

Often, the marketing campaigns that experience the most success are the ones that approach advertising in a slightly different manner. The U.S. Postal Service’s Door-Direct Mail helps you reach more people in more ways, and here’s how:

  • Whether you are looking to send a sales announcement on a postcard, or a more detailed description of a product or service you offer, Door-Direct Mail can help. Their flexible range of digital printing sizes allows companies to create custom advertising items that perfectly fit their needs.
  • Your material will be delivered directly to entire neighborhoods of potential customers. By bringing your message into people’s homes, instead of advertising to them while they are out during the day, your message reaches potential customers when they are more comfortable, relaxed and open. This means more potential customers become actual customers.
  • Finally, since your message is being hand delivered to peoples’ mailboxes, you can include individual menus, coupons, maps and more, to entice people to visit your store or business.
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Digital Printing: What It Is and How It Works

Another more modern method of printing is called digital printing, and it is now in wide use at print shops around the world. Two commonly known methods that fall under this category would be Ink-Jet and Laser printing, whereby images are sent as data directly into the printer, eliminating the costly need for permanent printing plates with every project. Once the image is sent to the printer, it is either created using laser or ink, simply and quickly.

While most homes and nearly every office will have one or more digital printers on hand, not many will have large-set ones, or super-fine quality printers. This is where specialty printers come in.

Since the prints are perhaps the cheapest kind of product to create, once the equipment is owned, orders can be as small as one item, or much larger. Offset printing still offers slightly higher quality, but digital printing offers undeniably faster, more cost-effective prints.

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Order Custom Greeting Cards

Whether you run a business, or you simply correspond with many people via mail, greeting cards are an excellent product to have on hand. They are versatile, never go out of date and offer endless customization options.

In addition to putting custom artwork on cards or photos from the holidays, addresses or business letterheads can be added. Ordering cards in bulk also means that you will always have them when you need them, but short run orders are also affordable with Apple Visual Graphics custom printing services.

Greeting cards can be printed with custom size, paper, lamination, finish, die-cutting, foiling, perforation and embossing — allowing you to create cards that fit any level of formality and many different occasions. Customers can also order cards that are folded in a range of styles — either two panel folded vertically or horizontally, a single flat panel card, or a range of three or four fold options that come in a roll.

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The Uses of Vikulti Rear Projection Film

Due to new developments in the field of film technology, companies have been able to digitalize advertisements and other instructive information, reaching customers in an entirely new and creative manner. So far, Vikulti has most often been used to project digital spokespeople at airports, trade shows and other fairs. Apple Visual Graphics is one of the few New York printing companies that can print Vikulti products.

With this relatively new development in the field of film, clients can customize their Vikulti rear projection film to any custom size or shape. Once the film has been customized, it is laminated onto transparent plastic or glass, where it then displays as a digital projection. Optical adhesive is used to hold the film onto the clear surface, while minimizing reflections and reducing other glare. The adhesive is also entirely removable and allows the video, static images and other dynamic messages to be shown on high contrast surfaces that allow for wide viewing angles, even in situations with bright light.

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How Can Custom Flags Help Your Business?

In addition to custom printing a wide range of paper products, Apple Visual Graphics is also able to print custom flags. Flags can be particularly useful for businesses that are running a branding campaign as a way to publicize their business and provide customers with a symbol or colors with which to associate their company.

To best fit your needs, you can choose from a range of sizes and materials when ordering your flag. Companies who are embarking on a shorter promotional campaign may prefer to order the smaller flags, but those who want to fly a company flag for an extended period of time would most likely prefer the large outdoor flag.

Whether you already have a company logo and colors that you would like to custom print on a flag, or you need help designing the final product, call 718-361-2200 for more information.

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