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Targeting Specific Demographics in Advertising Campaigns

Advertising is always more successful, if you target a certain audience. This doesn’t always mean by designing the ads, themselves, to appeal to a particular group; often it means placing them in areas so that they will be seen multiple times by the same people.

In a previous blog we discussed how bus shelter advertisements could be highly successful, because they target a specific demographic. If you decide you want to target this audience, another way to continue targeting your ads to the same people is by advertising on commuter cards, or panes on subways and in subway trains. On average, more than five million people ride the subway each weekday, meaning more people see these ads, than the bus stands. There is also a lot of overlap, which deepens the impression your ad makes.

Whatever demographic you want to target, make sure to tailor your ads and the locations where you place them specifically to reach those people.


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Target a Demographic that’s More Sporty

By advertising on dasher boards in sports venues, you are accessing a large audience that is sympathetic to your message, due to the implied alliance of your company with their favorite sporting team. These advertisements tend to be quite successful, because they are being read in an environment that is charged with excitement and positive energy. Similar to bus stand ads, sporting audiences are a captive audience, which allows you to create extended messages that are reinforced with your audience over the course of the game.

Since Apple Visual Graphics opened, we have specialized in creating dasher board ads for any type of sports venue, and can even create ads to fit ice resurfacing machines at hockey rinks. If you think your products or services would sell well to a captive audience of loyal, excited sports fans, then call, today, for more information and help designing your perfect dasher board ad.

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