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Custom Wrapping Paper

With the holiday season in full swing, what could be a better advertising boost than offering free, custom wrapping paper to customers and employees? Since wrapping costs add up quickly, no one will turn down free wrapping paper, which spreads your company and message very quickly. Or if you’d rather make an extra buck on late gifts, design flashy paper and sell it to customers with your other services and products.

With Apple Visual Graphics, you can order custom wrapping paper that has festive designs or company photos and posters either large or tiled on the paper. Also, thanks to our next day delivery, you can have it in time for the holidays.

This unique way of advertising will spread goodwill towards your company and ensure that you are remembered for a long time to come. Also, those who used your paper this year will think of your company again during the next holiday season.

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Capture an Artsy Audience with Custom Wallpaper and Mural Printing

Murals are a great way to advertise because not only are they entirely adaptive and customizable, but they also work for almost any industry in a huge range of settings. They can combine art and beauty with an advertising message and reach potential customers in a more subtle, friendly way than other more in-your-face types of advertisements. They are particularly effective on those with more artistic interests and younger people.

If you don’t own a business and are merely looking to decorate your home, murals and large custom wallpapers can also be created as the centerpiece for any room in your home. Murals such as these are durable and provide unique, relatively inexpensive decoration that kids and adults alike will enjoy. They are also safe for children since they can’t fall or be pulled off the wall, and since color and size can be customized, you can create a work of art that exactly suits your needs.

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Two Methods of Advertising with Large, Wide-Ranging Audiences

Often, with advertising, the goal isn’t necessarily to pinpoint a certain, highly specific group of people, but simply to get your product, message or company out there. There are many ways to do this, but we will highlight two popular, durable cost-effective methods in this blog.

First we will focus on rotating displays. These displays are backlit and rotate, and can often be found at public transportation stops, like bus shelters, airports and train stations, and in shopping centers, like malls. These are useful, because the movement and the illumination capture people’s attention. The printing experts at Apple Visual Graphics are more than happy to help transform your poster advertisements into dynamic rotating displays that will spread your message, quickly and efficiently.

The next advertising method that is also underused, but very effective is Street Pole Banners. The banners are printed with bright, eye-catching colors on durable material and, given their stationary, unique placement, it enables them to reach the same, diverse crowd that commutes by and around the posters each day.

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How Postcards Can Improve Mailing Campaign Success

Several characteristics of postcards make them a great tool for businesses, and many businesses have found more success with postcards than other types of correspondence.

First, the customer doesn’t have to open anything. Envelopes are easy to toss without opening, since they are viewed as junk mail, and emails are similarly easy to delete. With postcards, though — when customers take their mail out of the mail box and look at it — they already have an idea of the message, since they look at the message directly, and not an envelope. They may still be discarded, but the message is received, first.

They are also one of the most versatile, adaptable methods of communication and advertising, since they can be adapted for sale announcements, coupons, short or long campaigns, and much more. They can also be given out to customers for personal use, thus promoting your business and establishing your brand.

Apple Visual Graphics offers postcards in custom shapes, with foiling, perforation, lamination, die cutting, and more. Call, today, for a quote and more information.

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