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Advertise in a Unique Way With Building Wraps

Building wraps offer a unique method of advertising, since they are large, like billboards, but are much less common. The novelty grabs attention and makes people want to figure out what they are looking at. Whether you are looking to expand your current advertising campaign, or you are just starting one, custom-printed building wraps are definitely an option to consider.

One of the biggest advantages to building wraps is that, unlike with billboards, you don’t need to rent the space, since you already pay for the building. Also, since your advertisement is stamped on the front of your workplace, you are easy for customers to find.

Once you decide you want to purchase a building wrap, contact Apple Visual Graphics for help designing your wrap and ordering information. Our talented staff can help you decide if you prefer a more decorative, or purely advertising wrap, and what you would like it to say. After it’s designed, leave the rest to us.

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3 Items that Can Make Your Branding Campaign a Success

Branding is one of the most important things for keeping a new business alive, and many businesses make the mistake of not branding as efficiently as they should. Focus on giving out the right products at the right events, to give people a positive view of your company, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t succeed. Here are three give-away items that work well in branding:

  1. Brochures: If you print brochures, make sure they have a professional design and are printed on high quality paper. The information should be concise, and easy to find and digest. People probably won’t keep your brochures forever, but you do want them to read them and remember what they read.
  2. Calendars: These are easy to transport and hand out, have more value and are something that everyone needs. If the calendars are professionally designed, people are likely to keep them and see your company name, every day.
  3. A More Valuable Item: Look into ordering an item that is more durable and useful. Flash drives, pens, pins, and such, are all items that are relatively inexpensive, but incredibly useful.
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How to Make Business Cards Interesting

While business cards are good for networking, they also have the least success in branding campaigns, because they are cheap and don’t have much cultural value attached to them, making it easy for people to take one and then toss it in the trash. There are ways to make people want to hold on to your business card, though, and here are a few of the easiest ways:

  • First, you want your business card to look professional, but you also want it to actually reflect your company. Don’t have a bright pink business card, if you are a serious divorce attorney.
  • Have a distinct logo that is unique and catchy-looking.
  • Have a picture, whether it’s a decorative photo that covers the entire background, or a photo of yourself if that is appropriate.
  • Black and white is boring, so print your cards in color.
  • Print on both sides of the card and keep the main information to one side. The second side should usually have a logo or a memorable decorative photo.
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We Can Help When You’re In a Time Crunch

In a perfect world, you’re able to foresee events and advertising needs, order the printed products you need within plenty of time, and even receive them early. This doesn’t always happen, though. Sometimes, things pop up, unforeseen, or they just slip through the cracks, and you find yourself needing banners, posters or items to hand out — as soon as eight hours before an event.

Those in the New York area are in luck, though, because Apple Visual Graphics understands that life doesn’t always go as smoothly as we would like it to. To help ease those moments where things come up unexpectedly, or when you’ve simply forgotten, we offer printing and shipping on the same day, the next day and on Saturdays, at affordable rates. You may not have as much time as you’d like, but, even in rushed situations, we will help you craft the perfect product and get it in place with time to spare.

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Unique Advertising Options

Many people complain that ads are everywhere, nowadays. To make sure that your ad is effective and not annoying, you need to make it unique in message, location and format. Here are three options for clever types of ads:

  1. Building Wraps: While people are used to seeing ads on billboards, or even on the sides of buildings in the city, they aren’t used to seeing full building wraps that incorporate ads and decoration. These wraps are unique and interesting, and are sure to grab people’s attention.
  2. Duratrans: These ads are eye catching, because they are literally printed on light boxes, causing them to glow and jump out at people. Duratrans ads are great for office branding campaigns, busy locations like malls and the subway, or around the city where people gather at night.
  3. Bookmarks: Another advertising option that is different and very successful is that of ads printed on useful objects. Bookmarks are perfect, because they are about as expensive to print as business cards and people will take them, use them and hand them out to their friends.
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