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Options for Durable, Professional In-Store Posters

Information that is going to be displayed in-store needs to be printed on material that is thick, professional-looking and durable, and Apple Visual Graphics offers several options, when it comes to creating lasting, in-store posters.

The first option involves ceiling danglers. These are perfect for holiday advertising or other information, such as aisle inventories in grocery stores, and, since they are hung high enough that people can’t touch them, they don’t need to be made from material that is super-durable and expensive. They are simple, inexpensive and arrive quickly after they are ordered.

Another option is Direct to Board printing, which prints information directly onto a selection of foam, card stock and Masonite mounting materials, instead of printing it on paper and gluing it onto these materials. By printing directly on sturdy materials, your posters will stand up longer and look more professional.

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Higher Quality Power Prints: Digital C Prints

While Type-C printing has been around since the 1950s, when Kodak introduced chromogenic paper, it hasn’t been widely used until more recently. Apple Visual Graphic’s version of Type C printing is called Digital C Printing.

During printing, a digital file is used, in order to create a large-scale, high-quality photo-like poster print. LED lights or giant lasers expose the digital image onto photo paper that is light sensitive, which is then run through dark room chemical baths and polished. Since the final product is processed and finished like photographs are, they look more like printed pictures, than posters, allowing for more detail and precision.

All you have to do, if you want professional, photo-quality poster prints, is to upload a file, and our well-trained experts will take care of the rest. We can print custom sized, or add special effects, to help you create truly unique advertising or works of art that you can post in your office or home.

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Catch the Eyes of Passersby with Custom Vinyl Lettering

It’s the holiday season, again, meaning businesses are once again competing with each other by lowering prices, starting sales, and creating more and more elaborate window displays. One way to catch people’s eye is with custom vinyl lettering.

While custom-designed, clear window-clings make good displays, vinyl lettering looks more professional and pops more, than clear clings do, making your business stand out more in a sea of flashy, Christmas-ready stores. Vinyl lettering is also ideal for displaying your company’s logo or name, and it can be extended to branding campaigns by applying it to the walls in conference rooms or corporate offices.

The letters are self-adhesive and available in almost limitless colors. Since Apple Visual Graphics has been printing them for years, they have perfected the process of designing them and printing them to perfection, so call to find out more, today.

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Calendars Can Help Your Branding Campaign

Branding campaigns are important for getting customers, establishing your business as a solid, here-to-stay company, and getting the word out about your products and services. There are many items that you can print with your company information, and then hand out for free — from pins, to pens, to business cards, and beyond — but one item that is relatively successful in branding campaigns is the calendar.

Since Apple Visual Graphics has an incredibly quick turn-around, from ordering, to printing and shipping with their calendars, they can make a great spur-of-the-moment give-away item, whether you are handing them out to your employees for the holidays, or giving them out at a corporate event.

Make sure your design is clean and professional looking, and that there is a catchy photo on the calendar, so people are drawn to it and will keep it and look at it often.

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Bus Shelter Advertising is Another Unique Method to Brand

Advertising on bus shelters can often be more effective, than on billboards, because there is a captive audience with nothing better to do than read the ads around them while they are waiting for public transportation. Since people spend more time looking at these advertisements, you have a great opportunity to write longer ads and create a longer message that will create a lasting impression.

Another advantage here lies in the fact that you can access specific information about your audience and thus customize your advertising for that demographic. Bus shelter ads can be combined with other types of advertising, to create a very successful ad campaign, such as taxi top ads or posters on other types of public transportation, like on the subway or on buses. This way you target the same demographic with complementary advertising, to reinforce your message.

Since Apple Visual Graphics is a local New York company, we know all of the local sizes and regulations and can make expanding into this type of advertising easy.

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