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Attention: Mall and Airport Executives

In settings where there are a lot of destinations for a lot of people, there is nothing more important than providing good, easy-to-read maps. While both malls and airports have a standard for their directories, that doesn’t mean you can’t customize it, if you have an idea that you think will make it more effective.

Since both malls and airports are so visually stimulating and busy, it’s important to provide directories that are simple, and easy to understand and follow. Getting lost in these environments can be easy, so make life easier for your customers by giving them simple maps. Instead of just printed brochures and posters, you can also order Duratrans illuminated displays. These are common, at both airports and malls, because they stand out from the busy business background and literally light the way. Scaffolding wraps are also popular, since construction is common and they can be reused to cover up the unsightly renovations that need to take place.

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Advertise on Unique Locations to Make an Impression

For advertisements to be memorable, now, they need to be unique, and ads that always stand out are floor ads. Not only do they work – literally — everywhere, but people notice them, since they have to walk right on top of them.

Floor advertisements are printed on weather-resistant, durable stickers, so that they stick to the floor and last a long time, even with heavy traffic travelling on top of them every day. They are simple to design, since the same elements and designs that are used in other posters and advertisements can be transplanted onto floor ads.

No matter where you work, floor ads can be a good advertising option. Whether you want to use old ads, or need help designing a new floor ad, call today, and our experienced professionals will help you with your order.

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The Benefits of Barricade and Scaffolding Wraps

Scaffolding may be necessary during renovation projects, but it is also a bit of an eyesore. One way to help improve the aesthetics of your building while it is under construction is by purchasing custom fit scaffolding wraps. This also helps promote your company at the same time.

Custom printed wraps for scaffolding and barricades can be specially designed to fit any area, and help to make use of space that would otherwise be wasted. Thus, when customers pass by, instead of crossing the street and looking away, they end up studying the message you’ve custom printed to cover your scaffolding. This keeps current customers happy while also helping to build a basis for future customers.

In addition to advertising, these wraps can help to reinforce branding campaigns that have been started in other advertising mediums. They build customer’s anticipation and excitement for the new renovations that are underway.



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Do Binding Services Make a Difference?

When you bind presentation, client or business materials together, it immediately looks more professional. While folders and binders work well, they are also more expensive, and staples just look lazy. Binding materials by using a professional binding service helps keep materials together. It also makes it look professional and extends the life of the pages.

Binding services are available in a range of styles for many different applications. This includes score and fold techniques for greeting cards, spiral Wire-O binding to bind pages into a booklet for clients or presentations, and saddle stitches for catalogs. The metal spiral binding is usually available in a wide range of colors so that companies can personalize their binding to fit their specific branding.

Whether you are distributing materials to customers, potential clients or other executives in your industry, you want to look professional and give them material that will last a long time. The best way to do this is through binding, so contact a binding company near you for more information.

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