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Personalize Your Correspondence

It isn’t very hard to personalize your correspondence, but it can make a big impression on the people receiving your cards and letters. Here are a few options for customizing your written correspondences with Apple Visual Graphics:

  1. Greeting Cards: Greeting Cards are very versatile, and can range from simple cards with a design on the front, to cards with a specific message in them. You can order cards with a range of different folds, for any occasion — personal or corporate. Cards differ slightly from letters, in that they’re made from thicker material and feel a little bit more personal.
  2. Letterhead and Stationery: Stationery with a logo and your information on it can make a huge difference in business, as it leaves an impression on the recipient of the letter and also gives them all of your contact information in one neat place. The options are endless, and the experts at Apple Visual Graphics can help you design the perfect stationery.
  3. Customized Invitations: All businesses hold corporate events at some point, and sending out custom invitations, instead of generic emails or plain letters, can make a huge difference in the impression attendees get.


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More Unique Advertising Options

In our previous blog we discussed three unique advertising options that Apple Visual Graphics prints. Here are three more options that will help separate your ads from the multitude of other ads around the city:

  1. Car Wraps: Like building wraps, car wraps are unique enough that people find them interesting and read them. Also, since your ad is driving around the city, it is able to reach more people every day, than some stationary ads can.
  2. Floor Graphics: People don’t expect to see ads on the floor as much as they do on the walls around them, so when they walk over a printed floor advertisement, they tend to stop and take notice. These have been proven to do well in ad campaigns.
  3. Bus Shelters: Bus shelters are particularly successful, because they have a captive audience of people who tend to read the whole ad. These allow you to expand your ad message and target a certain demographic more specifically.
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How to Increase the Durability and Professionalism of Posters

In addition to printing posters on thicker, more durable materials, laminating them and mounting them are two easy ways to make them look professional and last longer. These are also two of the easiest, most affordable things to do to a print.

Mounting materials come in a wide range of colors, thicknesses, sizes and types of materials, and pull the poster together to give it a more unified, tied together look. Mounts eliminate loose ends around the edges of the poster and complete it. Lamination also comes in a range of finishes, so you can choose whether you want your poster to have a matte look, a glossier one, or something in between. Lamination is usually applied to a print after it is mounted, to finish off the entire package.

If you want to give your posters a more professional, finished look without ordering a more expensive, flashy format, consider laminating and mounting.

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Brand your Building with Custom Flags

Flagpoles are a great way to customize your building and your home, because they give you a classy outlet to display your interests and the company that you represent. To add a level of professionalism and help brand your building, print your logo on a custom flag and fly it in front of your workplace. Flags can also be good for smaller events, such as industry fairs and parades, because you can have smaller flags printed and hand them out to potential customers.

Whether you represent a sports team, a small business, or a Fortune 500 business and are looking for a long-term flag with a logo, or small promotional flags, the experts at Apple Visual Graphics are practiced and capable of perfecting your order.

If you don’t have a logo yet, the professionals at Apple Visual Graphics can help advise you and will reproduce the logo perfectly on almost any color flag. Call today for more information.

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Backlight Your Ads to Grab More Attention

With so many different types of advertising popping up in so many unique locations, ads need to be particularly clever, nowadays, to stand out. One way to make sure your ad is read and remembered is by backlighting them. To do this, order Duratrans ads, which are full color, transparent, backlit displays. Whether you want to add branding to your office or advertise in New York, night and day, Duratrans can make your message pop.

Duratrans advertisements take a special skill to print well, because they are printed directly on a Duratrans light box and, because of this, precision is needed to ensure that the image looks good. The printing experts at Apple Visual Graphics have perfected the technique with years of practice. If you want to put a transparent, backlit ad somewhere to make your company and advertisement literally shine, call today for more information.


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