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Rush Printing

24 Hour Rush Printing

We’ve all done it.  We have procrastinated for one reason or another against a looming deadline, in the 11th hour.    For some people, there is a rush involved in working against a clock, for others, the idea of rushing something that can make or break a project is paralyzing.  read more

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POP/POS Graphics

Shelf Talker Printing

POP/POS Graphics are Point Of Purchase or Point Of Sale graphics.  These are advertisements which are strategically placed to promote purchase of a particular brand or item within a store.  For obvious reasons, these graphics are usually placed near the register or near checkout lines.  Many people are familiar with these items but just don’t know the name of them. read more

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Bookbinding: To Perfect Bind or to Saddle Stitch?

Book Bindings

Let’s start with the saddle stitch bindingSaddle Stitching is also known as Saddle Stapling for the machine, the saddle, on which is it placed and then stitched (sewn) or stapled on, hence Saddle Stitching or Saddle Stapling. read more

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