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CMYK and Spot Colors

CMYK Printing

Whenever you send a file to your printer, the files, whether Adobe or Illustrator or Quark, will have CMYK values embedded in the image.  CMYK refers to the read more

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Offset Printing



Offset Printing

Who in the United States doesn’t like to buy locally and support American born culture like peanut butter and Jazz. Well, here’s a little known fact, while everyone wants to shout off the rooftops about Gutenberg developing the first printing press, the first offset printing press was developed read more

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Wide Format Printing – What is it Good For?

Wide Format PrintingAbsolutely Everything!

Since wide format printers use rolls of material instead of single sheets, they can produce almost any size project, even if it is just sheets of 1” diameter stickers.  Although this is not the typical use of a wide format printer, it is certainly a possible use.  read more

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Digital Printing: A Musing

Digital Printing

Take a second.  Imagine how many things are printed in the world in the course of year.  This includes papers from your office printer, your office letterhead, newspapers, magazines, vehicle wraps, building wraps, menus, banners, postcards and bills, just to name a few.  read more

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