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Duratrans Facts

Duratrans or Translite Printing

What Am I Using Duratrans for?

Most people see Duratrans every day and just don’t notice it. Duratrans is used in news sets, as theater design sets, retail displays and bus and subway advertisements or menu boards.  For those of you who have visited New York City the advertisements that are lit up on top of the subway entrances (urban panels) are a translite application. read more

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What is FSC Certified Paper?


FSC Paper

By: Jason Przybysz, Apple Visual Graphics Staff

With nearly infinite paper options on the market for consumers to choose from, the task of narrowing down the perfect paper a specific printing job has become daunting.  If you came seeking advice about the printing industry or helpful tips that might help you on future printing endeavors, then this blog is for you.  My ultimate goal is to inform and educate you, the consumer, on the best ways to streamline and save on your printing projects.

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Poster Sniping and Guerilla Marketing Campaigns

Poster Sniping of Shepard Fairey Art

By: Jason Przybysz, Apple Visual Graphics staff

As our economy’s road to recovery continues to stall, guerilla marketing campaigns have begun to skyrocket, especially in urban areas.  The most common form of guerilla marketing is Poster Sniping or “wild” posting, which provides companies with a low cost, yet highly visible marketing campaign.  Since visibility is a key to success of any marketing campaign, it is common to see most high traffic locations in any city setting, (scaffolding, store windows, etc.) flooded with advertisements. read more

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Apple Visual Graphics Newsletter #2 August 2011

Apple Visual Graphics Newsletter August 2011 #2

Apple Visual Graphics Newsletter #2 August 2011

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