24-Hour Printing

Life doesn’t always go as smoothly as we would like it to. Last minute things come up at times, and other times we forget about something, only to remember it when it’s almost too late.

If either of these happens to you with offset printing materials, like custom banners, custom posters, brochures, or other printed materials, you are not out of luck. Apple Visual Graphics provides 24-hour printing or same day printing for bus shelters, aisle signs, banners, brochures, barricade or scaffolding wraps, bookmarks, bindery, booklets and catalogues, posters, menus, and more.

With Apple Visual Graphics, fast printing doesn’t mean compromised quality, either. The best quality graphics and projects are always available without the wait, so when unexpected projects arise or forgotten projects are unearthed, we are able to produce high quality images and material with very little wait time. All you need to do is call us, get a quote, finalize your files and designs, and send them to us; we will do the rest.

If you find yourself in this position, call one of our rush printing experts at 718-361-2200 and find out what your best option is for getting your material as quickly as possible. They can also get details on your printing needs and give you a quote for your project.

From now on, there’s no need to panic when you need professional quality printed advertising or branding items. Apple Visual Graphics can deliver what you need in a pinch. Give us a call and let us help you find a solution.

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Poster Printing Tips and Guidelines

Spring is the perfect time to pull out your old custom poster designs and spruce them up, whether you are going to distribute the final products as promotional items, or put them up as part of your marketing campaign.

There are many steps beyond simply designing an attractive poster that you need to follow for success, however. Here are a few tips for design that will make things go more smoothly when you get to the poster printing step:

  • Color Profile: Make sure your color space is RGB, specifically Adobe RGB, for the best results. This means all of your elements need to be in this color space, not just certain elements. This includes images, fonts, and objects in all layers.
  • Objects and Fonts: Change both objects and fonts in all layers into outlines for the best results. This will guard against font substitution and eliminate scaling issues during printing. You also need to ensure that all layers and objects are unlocked so that changes you make affect all of them.
  • Printing: Before submitting files for printing with your offset printing company, change it to a .PDF, .AI or .EPS file.
  • Bleeds and Marks: If you don’t have any bleeds on your document, and the background is all simply white, check the “Trim Marks” box before saving and submitting. If there is a colored background with no bleed, you do not need to trim marks.
  • Conversion: Make sure you change settings to No Conversion before saving your file as a .PDF. If you don’t, the Adobe RGB color profile will be changed.

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Effective Exterior Graphics

Bringing attention to your business is essential in order to help it grow. Attracting customers by using effective exterior graphics will help you draw in people to your brick-and-mortar location so you have the opportunity to sell. Not only does this give you a chance to advertise to customers when they are away from the television or radio, it also helps you narrow your focus to select markets. Whether you want to promote your business by purchasing a building wrap to go around your store, buying graphics for a company vehicle or advertising at a bus stop, there are nearly endless opportunities to remind your potential customers about your business.

Your options are not limited by your budget for advertising either. Retail stores that want to promote a certain event or special can do so with cut vinyl lettering and a sign put up by the entrance. With an effective color scheme and captivating text, this is a simple way to get your products noticed by passersby. The goal is to make sure that your customers have every opportunity to learn about your business without feeling that you are overdoing it. Finding the right balance will get customers in the front door so that your team can do the rest.

When developing your branding and advertising plan it is a good idea to lay out all of the options you have. Exterior graphics give you the opportunity to get creative without having to commit all of your resources to an aggressive television campaign, even at the local level. Find the method that works best for you and start your design process today.

To catch a passerbys eye you need to ensure your exterior graphics are effective enough to make a person take in the message of your Ad.

Click below to embed this infographic into your website:

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Spring Branding Tips

Spring is a time for deep spring-cleaning, not just within your files and financials, but also within your branding campaign. Here are a few tips to cleanse and spruce your branding campaign and materials this season.

  1. Clear Out Clutter: Assess the branding materials you have on hand. If they are old, outdated or redundant, throw them out or recycle them. It is better to invest in current branding materials than give out passé ones, as customers may think your company is cheap or lazy if you don’t update your campaign regularly.
  2. Determine if It Is Fresh and Relevant: Look at your materials, website and printed materials to make sure they have been improved and updated at some point in the last six months. If you are still handing out the same tired brochures that you have had for the past three years, it is time to make a change and breathe new life into your campaign.
  3. Simplify: Make sure your message is as simple as possible. What are you saying and what are you trying to achieve? Simple questions, calls to actions or statements work best, and prompt customers to visit your website or store to find out more.
  4. Renew: Design and order new spring or summer themed giveaway items. Flags are great, since the weather is warming, as are postcards, since more people are going on vacation now that the warmer months are upon us. Both can be ordered from offset printing services. Custom posters and small custom banners are also great since they can serve as souvenirs. Whatever you do, make sure your design is fresh and vital.

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Uses for Direct to Board

If you are printing custom posters, custom banners or other custom advertising or branding materials that you will need to mount, you can skip the extra steps by printing direct to board. Whether you are printing images, logos, text or full advertisements to be mounted, you can choose from a variety of boards, and our wide format printing equipment will print your content directly onto the mounting material.

Our vast selection of Masonite, cardstock and foam mounting materials allows you creative freedom with your order. Here are several uses to consider when you are selecting this option for your order.

  • Posters: Posters can be flimsy, and have a longer lifespan if they are mounted. Having to mount them yourself is costly and time consuming, however. Print these directly onto a foam board or even thicker cardstock for a hardier poster that will last longer than thin paper.
  • Bookmarks: Bookmarks are a great promotional product, and are even better when they are mounted on cardstock. This makes them sturdier and more durable. Instead of mounting paper on cardstock, though, print directly on cardstock and supply your customer with a cheaper, better quality bookmark.
  • Aisle Signs: These must be thick enough that they won’t blow or move if a breeze comes through your front doors, but not so heavy that they might fall on customers. We recommend printing these directly on one of our thicker foam boards or Masonite so that they have the thickness and weight to be useful to customers in your store.

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